..En Cendres..

-insert subtitle here-

..En cendres..

..In ashes..


Before you exit this atrocious excuse for a journal and go visit some other one, likely a nicer, better one, you should probably know why. There are many pleasant pages to visit and absolutely more other things to read about, but this journal is neither a good page, nor does it contain any of the aforementioned "pleasant" things. Within this journal are such burdensome details as oddly colored icons, strange graphics based on a particular RPG site, the highly austere "Hannibal Lecter Obsessive Compulsive Disorder" and some very startling news about an absurd fourteen-year-old named "Emi". Clearly, you do not want to know about such things.


And clearly, I've been reading too much Lemony Snicket. O_O

Hi. I'm Emi. I think we've taken off on the wrong foot here. Mind if we start over? =D?

[Lolololll. Credit for my layout goes to snubbly Thankyouuu. =D ...Credit for the header, though [which showcases the lovely Sasha Pivovarova in her new Prada ads], goes to moi.